CKD or Chronic Kidney Diseases are at a rise globally as well as in India. In India the risks of kidney trouble leading to chronic stages is becoming more and more common every day. The main cause for this is a lack of general awareness. This is exactly what the Kidney Care Society has been doing for the past seven years, spreading the light of awareness where previously there was only darkness of ignorance. Our approach has been two-pronged from the very start. Prevention and Early Detection are the paths that we have chosen to combat this silent killer. We have arranged a number of awareness camps and workshops over the past few years and managed to establish the danger of kidney diseases to common people, medical practitioners, health care sector workers and many more. We are fortunate that our efforts have not been in vain. We have managed to detect many cases of Kidney diseases at different stages and screened several thousand people. Our mission is to establish a model system meeting all possible standards for renal care and bridge the knowledge gap to prevent the spread of this silent killer.

Dr. Pratim Sengupta

Conservative Nephrology

Chronic kidney disease is a complex disease with multifaceted etiology. We provide holistic care for renal failure patients that include consultation, treatment, and yoga.

Diabetic kidney disease- Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease. About 1 out of 3 adults with diabetes have kidney disease.

Hypertension Nephropathy- It is a chronic condition and it is a serious risk factor for the development of end-stage kidney disease

Glomerular disease- This is a common cause of chronic kidney disease. Among patients on dialysis, about 15 percent have a diagnosis of glomerulonephritis.

Genetic kidney disease- ADPKD is the most common type of inherited kidney disease and it is the fourth leading cause of kidney failure.

Lupus nephropathy- This causes kidney inflammation | blood in the urine | protein loss| high blood pressure| impaired kidney function | and kidney failure.

Dr. Pratim Sengupta

Renal Transplant Clinic

We perform all kinds of Kidney transplantation along with pre and post-donor and recipient evaluation.

Living donor renal transplantation- when a kidney from a living donor is removed and placed into a recipient whose kidneys no longer function properly

ABO-incompatible transplantation- transplantation across the blood group is done

Deceased donor transplantation- when a kidney from someone who has recently died due to brain death, is removed and placed in a recipient in need of kidney transplantation.

Highly sensitized transplantation- transplantation for patients who have exceptionally high antibody levels.

Dr. Pratim Sengupta

Urology Clinic

Our Urology Clinic is the one-stop solution for any urological disorder. We provide holistic care to patients with urological problems too.

Kidney stone- treatment for nephrolithiasis (hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside your kidneys)

Benign prostate hyperplasia- BPE is common in men aged over 50. It is a condition that can affect how you urinate.

Other urological disorders: urinary stricture,bladder outlet obstruction,vesicoureteric reflux,congenital disorders

Dr. Pratim Sengupta

vascular Surgery Clinic

Our extremely skilled vascular surgeons performs dialysis access creation with utmost care followed by post-treatment.

AVF fistula creation- a surgery to connect an artery to a vein for patients with end-stage renal disease in order to receive dialysis.

Dialysis access creation- There are 3 types of access creation, called a fistula, a graft, and a catheter.

Dr. Pratim Sengupta


We hold an advanced-level dialysis unit along with skilled technicians, under the supervision and care of doctors. Both chair and bed facility is available.

HemoDialysis(HD)- It is one way to treat advanced kidney failure and can help you carry on an active life despite failing kidneys.

Plasma Pheresis (Therapeutic Plasma exchange)-It is performed especially to remove antibodies in treating autoimmune conditions.

Hemo Perfusion- is an extracorporeal blood purification modality that contains adsorbent particles.

Sustained low-efficiency Dialysis (SLED)- This is an increasingly popular form of renal replacement therapy for patients with renal failure in the intensive care unit.

HemoDia filtration (HDF)-It is usually used to treat acute kidney injury (AKI), but may be of benefit in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome or sepsis.

Intermittent Peritoneal Dialysis (IPD)- This is an old dialysis modality involving thrice-weekly therapy in a hospital or dialysis center setting.

Dr. Pratim Sengupta

Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle education

Management of chronic Kidney disease is not limited to only pharmacotherapy.It must be managed holistically.Nutrition is an integral part of treatment.We provide

nutritional support for diabetic kidney disease,hypertensive nephropathy,glomerular disease,renal transplant recipient,hemodialysis patient,IgA nephropathy,Lupus nephropathy,ADPKD.

Other nutritional services
• Nutritional support for weight loss/weight gain
• Body composition analysis
• Anthropometry
• Lifestyle education and support

Dr. Pratim Sengupta

Lifestyle and rehabilitation program

We also provide one on one yoga session to our patients. Patient is first assessed and based on that,yoga is prescribed.A dedicated trained is allocated for regular follow up.Both online and offline sessions are available

We also provide Rehabilitation support

Dr. Pratim Sengupta

Carepath Diagnostics

We are equipped with advanced diagnostic facilities with all modern high end machinaries.We do following investigations

• Biochemistry
• Clinical pathology
• Microbiology
• Transplant immunology
• Drug level monitoring
Report is delivered on the same day.Home collection facility available

Dr. Pratim Sengupta

Digital Radiology

We are one of few centres with digital radiology where xray image is immediately sent to mobile.No need to wait for long time.We are also equipped with world class Echo and Usg machine.We do following test

• USG (whole abdomen, KUB)
• Dopplerof kidney and graft kidney,
• Doppler study of all limbs,
• Doppler of AVF,Doppler of renal artery)
• 2D echo
• Digital X-Ray (Chest,KUB,LS spine,Pelvis,abdomen,lumber spine,knee joints,PNS,wrist,ankle)

Dr. Pratim Sengupta


Following test is done in our cardiology unit.

ECG- is a simple test used to check your heart's rhythm and electrical activity.

Holter monitoring- A test with the help of electrodes and a recording device to track the heart's rhythm.

Ambulatory BP monitoring- It's a useful way to detect white coat hypertension, masked hypertension, and sustained hypertension.

Dr. Pratim Sengupta


We have an OT equipped with all modern equipments and amenities.Following procedures are done

• A.V. Fistula,
• DJ Stent Removal,
• Jugular catheter insertion
• Kidney biopsy

Dr. Pratim Sengupta

Other services

Pulmonary function test- The tests measure lung volume, capacity, rates of flow, and gas exchange.

EMG/NCV-testing is used to diagnose disorders of the nerves and muscles, testing for neuropathies, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and neck and spine conditions.

Uroflowmetry-a test that measures the volume of urine released from the body, the speed with which it is released, and how long the release takes.

EEG-a test that measures electrical activity in the brain using small, metal discs (electrodes) attached to the scalp.

Polysomnography- a comprehensive test used to diagnose sleep disorders.

Retinal screening (Diabetic retinopathy)-It's caused by damage to the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye (retina).